What is the terms of reference? Imagine that you are in a hairdressing salon and you need to explain to the master what you want: long or short, creative or classic, dyeing or natural hair color ... You can roughly imagine what you need, but you cannot formulate your desire exactly. If you still manage to correctly explain to the hairdresser what you want, you will get exactly the haircut that you dreamed about! But what if you fail to convey your thoughts to him? What if he doesn’t understand you? You will leave with something completely incomprehensible on your head and will be tormented at least until your next visit to the salon. The same story with architecture. If you do not properly explain what you want to receive, the designer will develop the project in accordance with his own understanding, and it most likely will not match yours. Then you. Of course, you’ll try to “correct” the project, and this is very difficult, making changes takes time and creates additional costs. You just have to either accept the project as it is, or, in fact, start all over again, explain again what you want, and wait again until your desires turn into a document, according to which you can begin construction. In order to avoid all these ordeals and get the desired result as soon as possible, we suggest you take advantage of our help in the preparation of technical specifications. We know exactly how and what to talk with designers about in order to achieve your wishes in the shortest possible time! Properly written technical specifications can reduce design time by one third.


When the general vision of the object was formed, when it is already clear to everyone what and where to build, it remains to invest the project in material form. In other words, the terms of reference should be turned into real areas, layouts, facades ... The customer must see how his idea will be implemented. A sketch project is the transformation of words into a picture, this is the first real meeting of the customer with his dream, when he can see for the first time how everything will look at the end. Layouts, sections, the height of the object, facades, three-dimensional presentations of the object on the site, and sometimes even the scale model of the future building, are all contained in the outline design. We can easily turn any of your design tasks into a conceptual design. We will do everything so that you get the opportunity to see the object that you are going to build as soon as possible. Unlike many, we are developing a preliminary design in compliance with all requirements and regulations in force in the Russian Federation, which allows us to achieve a significant reduction in the time frame for further approval of documentation. Thus, most of the issues can be resolved already at the preliminary design stage. And when developing the working documentation, it remains only to coordinate the technology of the project with the related sections.


After the idea of what and how to build or reconstruct is finalized, the question of project cost inevitably arises. The approximate cost can be approved already at the preliminary design stage, but to determine the real price of the work, you need to know all the details of future construction. Here everything is the same as going to the grocery store: to bake a cake, you need to know in advance how much flour and milk it needs. And the project should be developed to the stage when it is already clear how much concrete, reinforcement, ceramic tiles, flooring, etc. are needed so that its cost can be calculated. Only then can we talk not only about the “recipe”, but also about the concrete schedule of the work. Everyone knows that stripping can be very different. You can "build" and "BUILD". We live in the post-industrial era, high technology penetrate into all spheres of our life. If previously decades-long construction projects were considered the norm, today the year of construction is already an unacceptably inflated period. The stricter customer requirements for launching facilities into production are directly related to financing. The customer today seeks to complete the facility as quickly as possible, because the sooner the facility begins to work and make a profit, the faster the investment paid in it will pay off. Modern technology allows you to speed up the construction process, although there are rules for conducting work, which still must be strictly observed. Thanks to the digital revolution, there are many opportunities to save time and money at all stages of the production process. Structures are now calculated in three dimensions at once, special programs that simulate real loads make it possible to achieve the most rational solutions for building the model. All this significantly reduces the cost of reinforcement and concrete. Modern design methods reduce the cost of construction by up to 30% compared with traditional. New materials provide an opportunity to save even during the operation of the facility due to greater energy efficiency. A decrease in the cost of electricity significantly increases the profit received from the facility. Also, the use of the latest materials significantly speeds up the process of facing and finishing the building. It would seem that now it has become easier to build, because technology makes life easier, but in fact, this is a fallacy. A simple example: before you could buy a car and service it almost completely independently. Remember, after all, we ourselves used to change the oil, brakes and poked around in the engine. Today, even the cheapest car requires high-tech care and maintenance by competent specialists. The same story in construction, new technologies and materials need highly qualified professionals who are able to correctly apply and integrate them into the overall system. VIZIA design bureau pays maximum attention to rationalization of investments. Based on the experience gained while working on many objects, we can guarantee maximum project efficiency. The energy efficiency of the facility and the maximum rationalization of construction costs are our priority.


The facility is ready, utilities have been completed, landscaping is in full swing, but something is still missing. It is not enough to build a building of modern materials, you need to instill a soul in it so that the end result is fun. Visual identity is very important here. A person perceives the world around him with his eyes, and his feelings from an apartment, a street, a city, a country depend on what he sees. In comfortable housing, sleeps well, works easily, and it's nice to relax. And, on the contrary, in an illiterate room that does not have its own atmosphere, a person feels awkward and constrained. People have always sought to decorate their home, it is inherent in human nature itself. Even in prehistoric times, our primitive ancestors painted the walls of their caves in order to “humanize” the space and fill it with life. The ancient Romans decorated the floors and walls with mosaics and fabrics to create coziness and emphasize the social status of the owners of the house. The interior is extremely important and significant. For example, the design of the hotel must be well thought out to help implement the main idea of this business: the hotel should offer the guest the opportunity of complete relaxation. Note that a restaurant with an uninteresting design is not attractive to visitors, no matter how legendary the chef works in it. A design project is needed just to give the room a visual identity, only it makes the project truly complete. We will create a warm atmosphere in your apartment, make your office recognizable, and your partners will always take your company seriously. We offer services for the manufacture of design projects, taking into account all the wishes of the customer. Our credo is an individual approach to everyone.


Construction projects these days are becoming more and more complex. Modern buildings are more like a living organism than a construct made of glass and concrete. Internal communications are controlled by powerful computers that control absolutely everything, up to the flow of water in the drain tanks of the bathrooms. Ventilation and air conditioning provide ideal working conditions, while their negative impact on the environment is minimal. Autonomous systems keep everything under control and allow you to spend energy as efficiently as possible. Facility lighting, access to premises, security and many other things are now managed without human intervention. If before engineering communications and automation systems of an object absorbed no more than 10% of investments in construction, today their share is up to 60% of the total financing. Each of the systems needs to be provided with a room, to organize access to it, to lead corridors, to conduct meals. As in a living organism, everything here is attached to the "skeleton" of the structure. Engineering communications network should not violate the structural stability of the facility. At the same time, management systems should be consistent with each other and work smoothly. They should also be provided with constant access in case of repair and replacement during the operation of the facility. It is precisely for controlling this complex mechanism that project management, or project management, is intended. VIZIA offers you to transfer everything related to the synchronization of individual stages of design and construction into the hands of professionals.


The most difficult step in the algorithm of the project is the actual construction of the facility. Indeed, it is correct to assemble a single whole from chaotic “cubes” and meet the deadlines - a difficult task, the solution of which requires the involvement of highly qualified specialists. Each project is unique, each construction site dictates its own conditions. Construction can really be compared to war. Each project needs an individual approach, each needs its own tactics and strategy for conducting work, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of a specific "place of operations", the construction site even has its own generals and rank and file. Unfortunately, like in war, at a construction site, in addition to victories, defeats also occur. We are convinced that competent planning and careful phased design in the initial stages of the process guarantee victory. Having a clear idea of what work should be performed, and when, what materials should be purchased, and when exactly they should be purchased, it is easy to determine both the budget and the construction time. We are ready to offer our services for the execution of projects through the "Engineering" processing. This means that we will only attract contractors who have been tested in working together on many projects and meet the high standards and requirements of our company.